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From Large to small, Forklift trucks and regulators.
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47kg Propane

This size has a wide range of uses and is ideal for either personal or commercial use. They easily power a home and are great for people who don’t have space for the LPG tank, but with the same economy.

19kg Propane

A versatile size bottle that can be taken easily transported. It is a great solution for powering caravans, narrow boats and catering vans

11kg Propane

This is a versatile size great for caravanning, catering, boating

6kg Propane

Compatible with many outdoor appliances and heaters

4.5kg Propane

Small, lightweight and easy to move

13kg Butane

This bottle size is excellent for patio heater, bbqs and super surs

7kg Butane

Indoor stand alone heating

Leisure Gas

Patio heaters

Forklift Truck Gas

Specifically for powering fork lift trucks


We also have a range of regulators, change over kits and piping available to suit your product. please ask for more details.

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LPG is recognised as a low carbon alternative to fuel. It releases 33% less CO2 than coal and 12% less than oil.

It releases almost 0 black carbon - the 2nd largest contributor to global warming.
LPG is already in the government portfolio of solutions to meet the changes required in the future pollution challenges.